Sounds of the Upper World


The New Sound Of Spirit And Nature

Music that is entering the soul and harmonizing every cell of the body. These melodies and sounds touch us deeply in the heart – giving ease, power and energy at the same time!
Unique compositions filled with love and devotion, leading us back to the true nature of the human race.

Liquid Gold

Liquid Gold


The Composer


Passionate composer and musician. Studying counterpoint and orchestration with Stefan Zorzor. Experienced jazz musician touring worldwide with the »Barbara Dennerlein Group«. Producing and arranging soundtracks and television commercials.

Mystic of sound and »warrior of the heart« who transforms very sensitive emotional energies and positive tensions into sound. His music lives and breathes within the human being. Excitement and calmness are equally present in the harmonic development and lead into healing on a higher level.

»I see music as the most intuitive understandable expression of spiritual perception – the most obvious interpretation throughout all time and all the cultures of the world. Sound touches spheres which are beyond human emotions and mind…«

Publishing Details

donaluna Verlag
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D-83714 Miesbach